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Hi there! We are Alette and Jeroen.

We love wandering the world and we love books from all over the world. So we started The Book of Wandering to share our pictures and stories. Deserts, jungles and wildlife are our favourites. But we also don’t mind exploring a temple or two. We were lucky enough to visit 50+ countries together. If you are curious about our travels you can also check out our Instagram wall.

3 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi Alette and Jeroen, I came across your blog when doing some research of Broken Hill. I was initially impressed with both your descriptions and your amazing photographs of your travels. I had to laugh though, when reading part of your Broken Hill story, as I believe I am “the local woman” you have quoted regarding the cafe at the Miner’s Memorial. We chatted briefly about the building, it’s closure, and you told me you had been made aware of Broken Hill in Holland because of an Australian TV show from the 90’s. I am honoured to now be quoted and a part of your story! Enjoy the rest of your adventure.

    1. Hi Jenny!
      Great to get your message 😊. What a coincidence! I hope we did you justice as well as Broken Hill! Thanks!
      Jeroen & Alette

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